Restoration Service

With nearly 20 years' experience in the conservation and restoration of gilded objects, Acanthus is able to offer the client a professional service tailored to meet the exact requirements of each individual piece.


By using traditional methods and materials, all work carried out is sympathetic to the integrity of the original object.  Much of the work is painstaking and meticulous, but this is rewarded in the high quality results achieved.


In conservation and restoration, some or all of the following points may be considered;



Areas of flaking gold or pieces of decoration that are coming away are re-adhered with rabbit skin glue or PVA.



Dirt and dust that has collected over the years is carefully removed without over-cleaning so that the antique still has an appearance of age, yet looks cared for.  Cleaning may also involve the removal of gold paint from previous repairs.


Removal of old repairs

Old repairs can sometimes be distracting if they are crude or have been touched in with gold powders or paints that have tarnished over time.  These can sometimes be improved or alternatively be removed and replaced with a new repair.


Replacing missing decoration

Where there is a duplicate of the decoration that is missing elsewhere on the piece, a mould can be taken and the new piece can be made using the tradional material of compo (a putty made from animal glue, resin and chalk).  If this is not possible, a repair can be modelled by hand using clues in the existing decoration or other reference material.


Toning and distressing

Gold leaf is applied to the repairs and is then modified by toning and distressing to match the existing colour of the gilded object.


Restoration work can be carried out on location or at the workshop in Norwich.