Bespoke Gilding

The applications for gilding can be wide and varied since the nature of leaf lends itself to almost any surface or shape.


Water gilding is traditionally used on carved wood or composition decoration and  can be burnished to produce a high lustre to the gold.


Oil gilding is particularly versatile and can be used for exterior commissions, such as finials, gates or weather-vanes.  A room interior can be enhanced with decorative gilding as we also work on-site.


We can create bespoke mirrors that are traditional or unique.



Bespoke frame finishes


Leaf is available in a variety of metals, from copper or silver to 23.5 carat gold or platinum, offering options in both colour and price.  


Choose from burnished water gilding, matt oil gilding or antique distressed.


These finishes can be combined with raised gesso decoration or hand painted colour washes to produce endless effects.


A selection of picture frame mouldings can provide something to suit any taste or budget.


Prices and samples available on application.